New e-resource: Archives of Refugees, Relief & Resettlement: Forced Migration & WWII Collection

A record from the Archives of Refugees, Relief & Resettlement: Forced Migration & World War II Collection

Archives of Refugees, Relief and Resettlement: Forced Migration and World War II Collection chronicles the experience of refugees and displaced persons across  Europe, North Africa, and Asia from 1935 to 1950.

The collection contains over 650,000 pages of pamphlets, ephemera, government documents, relief organization publications, and refugee reports that detail the causes, effects, and responses to the refugee crises before, during, and shortly after World War II. Researchers are enabled to unravel the complex history of forced migration through first-hand records of government responses to various crises and shifts in policy, work done by NGOs and charities, and individual narratives of the daily reality of the refugee experience.

Of interest to scholars in migration and diaspora studies, War history, and political science.

Date published: 
Monday, May 25, 2020