Q. Where are the Korean books in the East Asian Library?

A. Korean books are inter-shelved with other language materials in the order of call number throughout the stacks of the East Asian Library. Call number groups materials by subject. For example, Korean history books are located on 8th floor with call number DS9xx while Korean language and literary books are on the same floor with call number PL9xx. Please inquire further assistance for other subject areas.

Q. Can I type Korean for searching books in the University of Toronto Libraries (UTL) Catalogue?

A. No, the system does not support the Korean language yet.

Q. Do you follow any rule for the romanization?

A. Yes, we use the McCune-Reischauer (M-R) Romanization System, which is different from the one established by the Government of the Republic of Korea. The chart of the M-R system is available along with other handouts near the entrance of the East Asian Library.

Q. Do you have video and/or cassettes collection on Korea?

A. Yes, we have some audio-visual materials. You can browse a list of audio-visual titles in the section of Holding Lists of the Korean Resources Web page.

Q. I’m looking for materials for my term paper. How can I get help?

A. Korea Studies librarian is available for your research assistance. Please email or contact for help.

Q. I’d like to donate Korean books. How can I go about it?

A. Book donations are welcome as long as subjects of the donated books are within the library collection policy. Please consult with Korea Studies librarian.

Q. I’d like to recommend a book purchase.

A. Please send an email to Korea Studies librarian.

Q. How long does it take after requesting a title for purchase?

A. If the title is approved for purchase, it takes about 4 months to have the book available on the shelf. Usually, books come by ship and need time for processing.

Q. What is the contact information of the Korea Studies Librarian?

A. Hana Kim, Korea Studies Librarian
Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
University of Toronto Libraries
130 St. George Street, 8th Floor, Room 8049
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5S 1A5
Tel. (416) 978-3805 / 978-1570
Fax. (416) 978-0863
Email: hn.kim@utoronto.ca