Union Catalogue of Chinese Overseas Collections

The history of Chinese overseas is well over 1000 years.
The rich documentation on these people cumulated over the
years now serves as permanent records of their profound
contributions to the social and economic developments of
their origins and residing places as well as to the
cultural exchange of the world. Being a part of Chinese
history, these documentation and information also help to
strengthen the link, communication, interaction and
cooperation among the Chinese, not to mention their


ChinaFile is an online magazine published by the Center on
U.S.-China Relations at Asia Society, dedicated to promoting
an informed, nuanced, and vibrant public conversation about
China, in the U.S. and around the world.

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

This dictionary is a compilation of Buddhist terms, texts,
temple, schools, persons, etc. that are found in East
Asian Buddhist canonical sources. While there is obviously
a basic layer of East Asian terminology, since much of
what East Asian Buddhists have written about is the
Buddhism of India, Central Asia, and Tibet, the content of
this database/dictionary/encyclopedia/translation glossary
is pan-Buddhist in character. This project, which was
initiated in 1986, is to the best of our knowledge, the

Lat Pau

Lat Pau, the longest running Chinese daily during pre-War
Singapore, was started by Mr See Ewe Lay in December 1881
and lasted 52 years before it finally ceased in March 1932.
Lat Pau is an invaluable historical source for research into
pre-war Singapore as well as Chinese overseas during that
period. Unfortunately the earliest issues of the newspaper
were lost and now the issues extant at the system cover only
the period August 19 1887 to March 31 1932.

Southeast Asia in the Ming Shi-lu

The Ming Shi-lu (明實錄) (also known as the Veritable
Records of the Ming Dynasty) is a collective name for the
successive reign annals of the emperors of Ming China
(1368-1644). Among the unique materials contained within
the Ming Shi-lu (MSL) are a wide range of references to
polities and societies which today we consider to be parts
of \Southeast Asia\. Given the annalistic nature of the
MSL and the difficulties of searching such a huge corpus,
many of these have long remained unknown. This work

The \Sin Kuo Min\

The Sin Kuo Min Press, later entitled Sin Kok Min Jit Pao,
is one of the most influential official newspapers and
journals published by the Kuomintang in cities where many
Overseas Chinese were residing. It is an invaluable
historical source for the study of modern Chinese revolution
and Chinese Overseas during that period of time. This
project presents a collections from 1919 to 1933.


Cross-Currents is an open-access e-journal co-sponsored by
the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea
University (RIKS) and the Institute of East Asian Studies
at the University of California–Berkeley (IEAS). It is
published quarterly online and semi-annually in print, and
gives priority to papers that have significant
implications for current models of understanding East
Asian history and culture. It is particularly interested
in promoting scholarship that extends East Asian studies


Asymptote is an open-access international journal dedicated
to literary translation and bringing together comtemporary
writing in one place. The journal is interested in
encounters between languages and the consequences of such
cross-language/culture/border encounters.