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The Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library collections are open to everyone, with some exceptions. 

Public users without a library card are welcome to browse the collections in open stacks and use them in the library.  


A library card is required to borrow circulating materials. See Library cards and TCards for more information. 

Loan Period

User Type


Loan Period


Item Limits


Book 42 days 6 100
Periodicals 14 days 2 20
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3

Graduate Student & Staff

Book 42 days 5 100
Periodicals 14 days 2 20
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3

Undergrad Student

Book 28 days 3 50
Periodicals 14 days 2 20
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3

Research Reader / Alumni Research Reader

Book 14 days 2 100
Periodicals 14 days 1 5
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3
Direct Borrower Book 14 days 1 30
Periodicals 14 days 1 5
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3


Book 14 days 0 25
Periodicals 14 days 0 5
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3

Continuing Studies Student

Book 14 days 0 20
Periodicals 0 days 0 0
CD / DVD 2 nights 3 3

Borrowing/Accessing Materials in Restricted Areas

Special Locations


How to Access

Request Hours

Storage Circulating (except for newspapers) T-Card for borrowing (request online or in person) Monday to Friday; 10am - 5pm
Audio Visual Circulating T-Card for borrowing (request online or in person) Library hours
Tibetan Room Circulating (except for loose leaf books) T-Card for borrowing (request online or in person) Self retrieval during Tibetan Room Opening Hours
Restricted or Protected Material  Access is closed during library construction.
Microtexts (microfilms)  For library use only (microfilm reader) Request online or in person Registration before use with:
  • T-Card

Valid driver's License or passport (public users)

Monday to Friday; 10am - 5pm
Tibetan Room (loose leaf books) For library use only (during Tibetan Room Opening Hours only during library construction.) 
Rare Book

Access is closed during library construction.


Special notes: 

  • Retrieval is done twice a day, Monday to Friday and should be ready 24 hours after the request is submitted (except for weekends).

  • You will be contacted if we are UNABLE to complete your retrieval as requested.

  • Your items will be held for ONE WEEK at the Loan Services Desk of the East Asian Library. 

  • Non-circulating materials are for use in the library only after proper registration procedure. 

Borrowing Materials from the offsite storage (UofT at Downsview)

UofT at Downsview is the offsite storage that stores low-use and duplicate copies of materials from all the University of Toronto Libraries' collections. All items are listed in the library catalogue. 

How can I request a book from Downsview?

an example of a book search result showing the book is at Downsview

Requesting items from other institutions (ILL)

If you have searched the U of T catalogue and cannot find the item you need, you may request items from other institutions. See instructions

Returning Books

Library materials can be returned to any University of Toronto libraries.

However, users are strongly encouraged to return East Asian Library materials to the East Asian Library, or to the drop box outside our library when the library is closed. 

Renewing books

  • Online
  • In person: Visit the Loan Services Desk at the East Asian Library
  • By telephone: 416-978-3300

Please note that you will not be able to renew an item that has been requested by another patron.

Holds and recalls


You can place a hold on an item which is currently checked out:

  • Online: 
    1. Find the item in the catalogue
    2. Click on the title
    3. Go to "Options"
    4. Choose "Request"
    5. Choose "Request Intercampus Delivery (ICD) / Hold" 
  • In person: Visit the Loan Services Desk at the East Asian Library
  • By telephone: 416-978-3300


To request that an East Asian Library item be recalled after its initial 2 week loan period, please contact the East Asian Library.

Recalled items which are not returned within 2 days are fined $2.00 per day.


Library privileges will be withheld when fines are $25 or more.

East Asian Library charges fees for: 

  • Overdue materials
  • Lost and damaged items to cover the cost of replacing or repairing the item. 

Additional fees could be charged depending on the situation. Fees that could apply include:

Fees Overdue Fine
Regular book overdue fee $0.50 per day per book
Course reserve book overdue fee $0.50 per hour per book
Recalled material overdue fee $2.00 per day per book
Multi-Media overdue fee $5.00 per day per item
Lost book or media replacement fee $145.00
Lost bound journal replacement fee $245.00
Lost unbound journal replacement fee $75.00
Damaged book fee $45.00

How to pay

  • Online
  • In person: pay fees related to East Asian Library items at the circulation desk of Robarts Library. 
  • By telephone: 416-978-8450


Medical or other documentation is required to reduce or forgive fines. Contact East Asian Library to inquire about your fines. 

The following reasons do not warrant fine forgiveness or reduction: 

  • Did not renew item on time
  • Forgot the due date
  • Did not receive a courtesy or overdue notice
  • Was not able to renew online
  • Was unaware of library policies
  • Borrowed the item for someone else
  • Returned late by someone else
  • Did not report TCard stolen

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