Copy, Scan, Print, Microfilm Reader


There is one photocopier at the East Asian Library, which accepts T-card/ Library Card/ Guest Card ONLY. 

  • Rate: $0.10 / page

  • Other photocopier locations in Robarts Library (all photocopies in Robarts accept T-card/Guest Card ONLY). New guest cards can be purchased from the Reader Registration Desk of Robarts Library. 

  • Adding funds to your card online or using the Cash to Card Machine


The public photocopier is free to use for scanning.

  • A USB key is required to save scanned images.

  • OCR is not supported.The photocopier/scanner can handle 100 - 600 dpi (default 200 dpi) and output TIFF/JPEG and PDF formats.

  • Other Scanner locations in Robarts Library.


The East Asian Library has one print station.

  • Rate: $0.15 / page

  • Send a document to the printers from one of the library's computers or from your laptop at selected locations.

  • Printing from your laptop is NOT supported with the printer at the East Asian Library. Find wireless printing in other locations

  • How can I get a refund for a network print job done at the East Asian Library?

    1. Talk to the staff at the Loan Services Desk. They will give you a "Refund Claim Form for Network Printing" form to fill out.  

    2. Take the completed form to the Information Desk on the 1st floor of Robarts. Your debit card will be credited for the amount of the print job.

    Microfilm Reader

    There is one microfilm reader at East Asian Library.

    • It is free to use. UTORid is not required.

    • A USB key is required to save images.

    • Other microfilm readers in Robarts Library.