Ask a Librarian

Questions related to Chinese Studies 

Stephen Qiao, Chinese Studies Librarian (on Contract: September-December 2023)

Email: stephen.qiao(AT)

Questions related to Japanese Studies 

Fabiano Rocha, Japanese Studies Librarian 

Email: fabiano.rocha(AT)

Questions related to Korean Studies 

Julia Jihae Chun, Korean Studies Librarian 

Email: julia.chun(AT)

Questions related to Tibetan Studies

Kristina Dy-Liacco, Tibetan Studies Librarian, Columbia University (provides reference services for the University of Toronto Libraries)


Questions related to East Asian Studies in general

Lucy Gan, Information Services Librarian

Email: lucy.gan(AT)

Questions related to East Asian Library’s Public Services

Helen Tang, Public Service Librarian

Email: helent.tang(AT)