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Notes for Users:

For the ease of browsing, the East Asian Library categorizes its Chinese yearbooks included in the holding list according to the following general rules:

The yearbooks are categorized into two general groups, national yearbooks vs. provincial yearbooks, based on the geographical coverage.

  1. The national yearbooks are further categorized into two cohorts, national statistical yearbooks andnational non-statistical yearbooks, depending on if the yearbook titles contain the term "tong ji " (統計). 
  2. Under that level, browsing for specific titles is possible beneath sub-categories such as "Historical" and "Contemporary". Please note that that, for the convenience of grouping the yearbook information, the library adopts the year of 1949, because of its political significance in contemporary Chinese history, as the cut-off time between the "Historical" category and the "Contemporary" category. 

National Yearbooks

National Statistical Yearbooks:

National Non-Statistical Yearbooks:

Provincial Yearbooks

Chinese Gazetteers and Yearbooks Online

Many Chinese local gazetteers and yearbooks are nowadays freely accessible on the Internet. Navigate the web tool created by the East Asian Library to browse related open access resources by Chinese provinces.