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The University of Toronto's East Asian collection originated with a group of rare Chinese materials brought to Canada in the 1930s. This has grown into a collection of over 300,000 research materials including monographs, serials, microforms, electronic resources, and audiovisual materials focused on humanities and social sciences. Our library now has one of the biggest Chinese academic collections in Canada, which serves University of Toronto users across all three campuses.

Library resources and links to the different areas of Chinese Area Studies

To Search for Books

  • Union catalogues
  • Chinese libraries’ catalogues
  • Chinamaxx Digital Library (SuperStar) 中文集献

Chinese Classics Online

Full Text Online Databases

  • Si ku quan shu 四庫全書
  • CHANT - CHinese ANcient Texts 漢達文庫, etc.

Search for Articles & Statistics

  • Online periodical indexes
  • Journal databases
  • Newspaper databases
  • China Data Online, Cultural Revolution Database, etc.

Romanization Rules

  • Pinyin to Wade-Giles
  • Wade-Giles to Pinyin

Internet Resources on Chinese Studies

Resource Guides

  • Guides to reference materials
  • Research guides

Chinese Canadian Studies Resources

Primary Resources for Chinese Studies

Taiwan Resource for Chinese Studies