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Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS Online)

The online version of the Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS) references principally western-language articles and book chapters on all parts of Asia published since 1971.

Da Cheng Old Journals Full-Text Database 大成老旧刊数据库

Old Journal Full-text Database holds a collection of more than 6,600 periodicals, 128,000 issues and 1.3 million articles which were published between the late Qing Dynasty and 1949 in China.

CAJ - China Academic Journals 

Full-text articles (1994 – present) from about 4,000 Chinese academic journals from Series F, G, H, and J of CAJ. New titles have been added to the database monthly. Full-text articles can be viewed in both PDF and CajViewer formats. The East Asian Library has acquired the following Series of CAJ:

Series Title Discipline Coverage Count of Journal Titles
Series F Literature / History / Philosophy 799
Series G Politics / Military Affairs / Law 636
Series H Education & Social Sciences 1,952
Series J Economics & Management 931

The U of T’s CNKI collection also includes the Century Journals Project Database (CJP), which selects the most important academic journals published in China and digitizes their earliest issues up to 1993. CJP supplements the digital collection of CAJ that covers full text Chinese academic journal articles from 1994 to the present.  

Note: Century Journals Project (CJP) has been integrated into China Academic Journals (CAJ). Access CAJ and CJP through the CNKI platform. This database is compatible with Internet Explorer (IE).

China Data Online | How to use

(Please ask our reference staff for accessing this database)
China Data Online is a database covering comprehensive Chinese statistical information, including population, education, industrial, economic and cultural statistics. All data is provided by China’s Customs Department and the main administrative bureau of each industry.

Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertation Services (台灣中文電子學位論文服務網)

Full-text access to doctoral dissertations and master theses from 49 major universities in Taiwan from 2004 to present; CETD covers more than 200,000 full-text theses and dissertations. The interface of this database is in Chinese, but users can still search in English. The database also allows the search results to be sorted by institutions, date, type of degree, region and language.

Chinese Periodical Full-text Database (1911~1949) 民国时期期刊全文数据库, 1911-1949

The Chinese Periodical Full-text Database results from a project undertaken by Shanghai Library to digitize its superb collection of Chinese periodicals published during the Republican era (1911-1949). The database contains about 10,000,000 documents from 25,000 periodicals of all disciplines and subjects, supplemented with quality index information. The running length for individual title varies depending on the life of the journal in question as well as its holdings at Shanghai Library.  Please note, this database allows only 1 concurrent user.  If you cannot log in, please try again later. 

Chinese Studies Online (CSO)

The Chinese Studies Online (CSO) from Wanfang Data is a package as well as a platform that enables searching multiple resources in one click. It focuses on a broad collection of Chinese studies materials, including Journals, Dissertations, papers, Conference proceedings, Policies and Laws of China.

National Social Science Database 国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库

National Philosophy and Social Science Journals database is a national, nonprofit, open core journals database which includes authoritative social science core journals, academic journals and papers.

People’s Daily 1946 – 2012  人民日报

Founded in 1946, the People's Daily is the most important and authoritative newspaper in China, representing the official voice of the Chinese Communist Party.  This online version covers the newspaper’s archival issues from 1946 to 2012.  

Shen Bao 1872-1949

Shen Bao was established by Ernest Major, a British merchant, in Shanghai in 1872, and published from April 30, 1872 to May 27, 1949. It was the first and the most influential commercial newspaper in modern China, and had played a pivotal role in forming and leading public opinion through the imperial period of the late Qing dynasty and the tumultuous years of the Republican era. Because of that, Shen Bao is an invaluable resource that gives a unique insight into the transition of China from the 19th century to the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The Shen Bao Digital Archive contains more than two million articles. The database is full-text searchable in traditional Chinese characters and provides PDF images of both articles and newspaper pages. Users can also browse the newspaper collection by publication date. Please note that the Digital Archive works best in Internet Explorer (IE)

Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services (台灣電子期刊服務網)

Online database covering full-text academic journals from research institutions in Taiwan. Subject coverage includes Humanities, Social Science, Applied Science and Medical & Life Sciences. Major publishers include Taiwanese universities, colleges and government institutes. 

Trial Databases

Apabi e-Newspapers 中华数字书苑