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by Library of Congress

This volume is one in a continuing series of books
prepared by the Federal Research Division of the
Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area
Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of
the Army. It is edited by Robert L. Worden, Andrea
Matles Savada, and Ronald E. Dolan and Library of
Congress Call Number is DS706 .C489 1988.

by Washington University
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in English

The goal of this \visual sourcebook\ is to add to the
material teachers can use to help their students understand
Chinese history, culture, and society. It was not designed
to stand alone; we assume that teachers who use it will also
assign a textbook with basic information about Chinese

by Institute of Linguistics, Academia Sinica
in Chinese


by Institute Of Linguistics, Academia Sinica Of Taiwan
in Chinese

该语料库目前提 供《红楼梦》、《金瓶梅》、《平妖传》、《水浒传》、
《儒林外史》、《醒世姻缘》、《西游记》 、《关汉卿戏曲集》、《元刊
动,如动补结构标示的较详尽即为一 例。

by Academia Sinica of Taiwan
databases, encyclopedias
in Chinese

This is a large online database of Chinese works complied by
Academia Sinica in Taiwan. It contains very rich contents
that span across Chinese historical classics, Buddhism
scripts, various local gazetteers of Taiwan, as well as
other primary resources on Taiwan and its history.
Particularly, it has an online version of the Encyclopedia
of Taiwan (臺灣文獻叢刊).

by University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
maps, photographs & images
in English

The AGSL collection Includes thousands of photos and maps on
China, Japan, and Korea.

by Library of Congress
in English

American Memory provides free and open access through the
Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings,
still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that
document the American experience. It is a digital record of
American history and creativity. These materials, from the
collections of the Library of Congress and other
institutions, chronicle historical events, people, places,
and ideas that continue to shape America, serving the public
as a resource for education and lifelong learning.

by Library of Congress; University of California Berkeley
databases, archive
in English

The Chinese in California, 1850-1925 illustrates
nineteenth and early twentieth century Chinese immigration
to California through about 8,000 images and pages of
primary source materials. Included are photographs,
original art, cartoons and other illustrations; letters,
excerpts from diaries, business records, and legal
documents; as well as pamphlets, broadsides, speeches,
sheet music, and other printed matter. These documents
describe the experiences of Chinese immigrants in
California, including the nature of inter-ethnic tensions.
They also document the specific contributions of Chinese
immigrants to commerce and business, architecture and art,
agriculture and other industries, and cultural and social
life in California. Chinatown in San Francisco receives
special treatment as the oldest and largest community of
Chinese in the United States. Although necessarily
selective, such a large body of materials presents a full
spectrum of representation and opinion. The materials in
this online compilation are drawn from collections at The
Bancroft Library, University of California Berkeley; The
Ethnic Studies Library, University of California Berkeley;
and The California Historical Society, San Francisco.

in Multilingual

The site is created by the Hong Kong Computer Society and
allows for searches related to a specific English or Chinese
keyword in databases of both Hong Kong and Mainland computer
terminology. Hong Kong Computer Society has a formal
agreement with Chinese Computer Federation to publicize and
promote in Hong Kong and internationally the official set of
computer terms in Chinese published by the Standard
Terminology Assessment Committee of China. It is essential
to promote the use of a standardized vocabulary in Chinese
for technical communication in China and Hong Kong.

by Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica Of Taiwan
in Chinese


by University of San Francisco
journals & magazines
in English

Asia Pacific Perspectives is a peer-reviewed electronic
journal published by the University of
San Francisco Center for the Pacific Rim. It welcomes
submissions from all fields of the social sciences and the
humanities with relevance to the Asia Pacific/Pacific Rim.
In keeping with the Jesuit traditions of the University of
San Francisco, Asia Pacific Perspectives commits itself to
the highest standards of learning and scholarship. Papers
adopting a comparative, interdisciplinary approach to
issues of interrelatedness across the Pacific will be
especially welcome.

by Independent
guides, photographs & images
in English

The online journal for the study and exhibition of the
religion and arts of Asia. is dedicated to all
aspects of Asian art. It offers a forum for scholars,
museums and commercial galleries. It displays highlights of
exhibitions in public and private institutions and
galleries; present new discoveries by scholars and
connoisseurs; and, by providing space for private galleries
to present their works, offer the visitor a selection of
fine Asian art worldwide.

by Alexander Street (U of T Subscribed)
digital libraries
in English

Asian Film Online offers a view of Asian culture as seen
through the lens of the independent Asian filmmaker. Through
a selection of over 1,000 narrative feature films,
documentaries and shorts curated by film scholars and
critics, the collection offers highly relevant perspectives
and insights onto themes relevant across Asia, including
modernity, globalization, female agency, social and
political unrest, and cultural and sexual identity. Such
themes are central to any meaningful discussion of
contemporary Asian culture and society.

by University of Melbourne
guides, databases
in English

Asian Law Online is offered to the public as a service to
assist students and scholars of Asian legal systems. It is a
collection of English language materials on Asian laws
available throughout the world and includes books, chapters
in books, journal articles and theses. It does not include
newspapers, magazines or unpublished articles.

by Oregon Historical Society
in English

Asian Pacific American History in Oregon is part of the Oregon History Project undertaken by Oregon Hisotical Society to collect, preserve, and promote access to, the information about Asian Pacific Americans immigrated to America from the continent of Asia (including India). Included in the scope of the project are the Chinese who started to arrive in the Oregon Territory in the early 1850s.

journals & magazines
in English

Asymptote is an open-access international journal dedicated
to literary translation and bringing together comtemporary
writing in one place. The journal is interested in
encounters between languages and the consequences of such
cross-language/culture/border encounters.

by Australian National University
in English; Chinese

The Australian Centre on China in the World (CIW) is a
research institution established to enhance the existing
capabilities of The Australian National University (ANU).
aims to be an integrated, world-leading institution for
Chinese Studies and the understanding of China, or what
been called 'Greater China' or the 'Chinese Commonwealth'
(the People's Republic of China, the Hong Kong and Macau
Special Administrative Regions, as well as Taiwan and the
Chinese diaspora), on a global scale.

by Hong Kong University
in Chinese

Basic Law Drafting History Online (BLDHO) is an online
resource providing information and materials from the
drafting history of Hong Kong's constitution, The Basic Law
of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the
People's Republic of China. BLDHO is a joint project of the
Centre for Comparative and Public Law and the HKU Libraries.

by University of Vienna
in Multilingual

Undertaken by two Austrian scholars, Dr. Monika Lehner and
Dr. George Lehner, both of whom are experts with Chinese
rare books, Bibliotheca Sinica 2.0 is a project that aims at
collecting information and links of freely available e-books
on China and Sino-Western encounters from various open
access repositories.

by Harvard University
photographs & images, archive
in English

In the earliy years of the 20th century, intrepid Western
plant explorers were sent to 'exotic' lands to gather
economically useful plants and seeds. Botanical and
Cultural Images of Eastern Asia, 1907-1927, is the
digitized collection of Eastern Asian photographs taken by
some of the plant explorers commissioned by the Arnold
Arboretum of the Harvard University. The database features
images of plants, people, and landscapes as were seen and
recorded by the explorers: John George Jack (1861–1949),
Ernest Henry Wilson (1876-1930), Frank Nicholas Meyer
(1875-1918), William Purdom (1880–1921), Joseph Hers
(1884–1965), and Joseph Charles Francis Rock (1884–1962).