Chinese Classics Online

  • The Basic Collection of Chinese Ancient Texts 中國基本古籍庫
    contains 10,000 titles, 170,000 volumes of ancient Chinese books on a wide variety of subjects, which covers periods from 11 century BCE to the early 20th century.
  • The Collection of Chinese Local Gazetteers
    The database includes about 4,000 pre-modern gazetteers at current stage. It may expand to cover as many as 10,000 titles eventually
  • Si ku quan shu 四庫全書
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    Si ku quan shu was compiled between 1773 and 1782 under the edict of Emperor Qianlong 乾隆. It is the most comprehensive collection of Chinese scholarship up to the 18th century. Full text articles and works are available both in their original image and digitized text format.
  • CHANT - CHinese ANcient Texts 漢達文庫 
    CHANT provides access to transmitted texts and excavated texts from ancient China (antiquity to late 6th century). Essential Chinese classics are also available. The excavated texts consist of oracle bone inscriptions from the Shang Dynasty as well as bamboo and silk manuscripts from the Han Dynasty.