Korean internet resource by subject: religion

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea (한국천주교주교회)

[In Korean, English]

The site provides quarterly newsletters of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, information on history of the Catholic Church in Korea, 103 Korean Martyr Saints and statistics of the Catholic Church in Korea.

Ch'ŏndogyo (천도교)

[In Korean]

This site is an official homepage of the Central Head Quarters of Chondogyo.  It also provides an English text of “An Introduction to Chondoygo.”

Chondogyo is a 20th century Korean nationalist religious movement, based on the 19th century Tonghak (Eastern Learning) movement founded by Ch'oe Che-u.

The Christian Council of Korea (한국기독교총연합회)

[In Korean, English]

The Christian Council of Korea (CCK) is a cooperative organization of Christian denominations.

DIBO Digital International Buddhism Organization (디지털국제불교연맹)

[In Korean, English]

This is the most comprehensive directory service providing all the resources of Buddhism and Buddhist from around the world.

Won-Buddhism (원불교중앙총부)

[In Korean, English, Esperanto, German]

This site provides detailed theories on Won-Buddhism. Also, it features “Scripture & Dharma Words,” “Meditation materials” and many more.