Korean internet resources by subject: art and culture

Arts Council Korea (한국문화예술위원회)

[In Korean, English]

Provides information about art studios, events, funding agencies, residency, venues, companies and associations.

Korea Creative Content Agency (한국콘텐츠진흥원)

[In Korean, English]

KOCCA promotes and coordinates the Korean content industry including the Korean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture & Content Agency, the Korea Game Agency and more.

Korean Film Archive (한국영상자료원)

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Provides comprehensive resources on Korean films, including news and events, history, film industries, and film databases, etc.

KOFIC: Korean Film Council (영화진흥위원회)

[In Korean]

Regularly publishes reports and annual statistics about Korean film industry.

e영상역사관 (translated as: eHistory Media Archive)

[In Korean]

Digital archive of media contents including news and photos from 1948.

KTV - National Audio Visual Information Service (KTV 국민방송)

[In Korean]

On-Air Programs and other visual media resources.

Gugak FM Broadcasting System (우리 문화, 우리 소리)

[In Korean, English]

24 hours Korean Kugak music Broadcasting System.

Kyujanggak Archives (규장각)

[In Korean, English]

The Kyujanggak, now part of Seoul National University, was originally established in 1776 as the Royal Archives of the Choson Dynasty. The archives have created an online full-text database for rare books and documents. Searchable by index by subject, title, and edition.

Seoul Art Guide (김달진 미술연구소)

[In Korean]

Comprehensive information on Korean art, including artists, galleries, organizations & associations. Provides regular columns contributed by artists and curators.

The Korean Art History Connection (한국 미술사 서지 목록 검색)

[In English]

Korean Art History Connection; maintained by the professors and students in History Education, and Art History department, Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea.

Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation (한국문화재재단)

[In Korean, English]

Preserving national cultural treasures.Provides Traditional ceremonies, education, books, cultural property investigations and researches, exhibitions and performances.

Federation of Artistic & Cultural Organization of Korea (한국예술문화단체총연합회)

[In Korean]

Founded in 1961, FACO represents and supports member associations including architecture, Kugak music, dance, Korean writers, fine arts, Korean theatre, film, music, photo artists and celebrities.