Korean internet resources by subject: history

Korean Studies Data Platform(한국학자료 통합플랫폼)

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An integrated platform providing access to over 15 million materials on Korean Studies. 

Korean History: A Bibliography

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A bibliography on Korean history covers political, diplomatic, and economic history, but also historical linguistics, art history, literature, philosophy and religion, and overseas Koreans.

HISTOPIA (히스토피아)

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Provides digital resources about Korean history

The Academy of Korean Cultural Studies (디지털민속원)

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Established by the Academy of Korean Cultural Studies, this website includes bibliographies, biographical information, historical information related to Korean Studies.

Korean War Project

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The site includes various projects such as The Families Project which is the leading volunteer program to seek out DNA samples. Remembrance section is a one-of-a-kind place to Remember the Lost from Korea. Looking For section has over 60,000 names and entries of Korean War Veterans, Family Members, and Groups, with over 1700 individual unit pages. Casualty Databases are the most comprehensive Korean War files anywhere. DMZ War Veterans pages list hundreds of veterans from 1953 onward.

History Organizations

Memorial Hall of Korean Independence (독립 기념관)

[In Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese]

The Independence Hall plays a major role to collect, preserve, and display data; as well as educates the nation about Korean history. It also publicizes its data and produces and distributes various materials.

Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics (한국고전번역원)

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Contains databases of historical sources and Korean classics translated into modern Korean. Keyword searchable.

National Institute of Korean History (국사편찬위원회)

[In Korean, English, Japanese]

Korean History full text database contains pre-modern to modern history of Korea. Categorized by rare and modern monographs, periodicals, documents/manuals, who's who, chronicles and multimedia collection.

Minjok Munje Yonguso (민족문제연구소)

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Studies and publishes matters regarding the time Japan had invaded Korea, and those people who participated in criminal act.

The Institute for Korean Historical Studies (역사문제연구소)

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Researches on Korean historical issues and problems.

Korean History Research Institute (한국역사연구회)

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Researches based on Korean History

Jeju 4.3 Research Institute(제주 4.3 연구소)

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This website promotes awareness about the incident of April 3, 1949, in Jeju.