Korean internet resources by subject: labour

Daily Labour News (매일노동뉴스)

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provides daily labour news since 1992

Federation of Korean Trade Unions (한국노동조합총연맹)

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Provides the policy and struggles of union members and international solidarity.

Korea Labour Institute (한국노동연구원)

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The KLI research deals with a host of important aspects of the Korean labour market ranging from industrial relations, employment policies, labour market trends, work-related injuries, worker's welfare, to labour laws and regulations.

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (전국민주노동조합총연맹)

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This organization aims to achieve development and unification of labour movement democracy, political influence and national unification, democratic industrial relations, improvement of working conditions and abolition of discrimination, protection of people and social reform and international solidarity and world peace.

Korean Institute for Labour Studies & Policies (한국노동이론정책연구소)

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This institute researches on modern capitalism and national direction, Korean society, democracy, social support, and liberation of people.

Ministry of Employment and Labour (고용노동부)

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Working Women's Network: Korean Women Workers Association (한국 여성 노동자회 협의회)

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Korean women workers have toiled in exploitative and dangerous working conditions since the beginning of industrial development in the 1960s. Despite the growth of the Korean economy, women workers still face intense discrimination, insecurity and exploitation in the workplace as well as in the society. Established in 1987, KWWA seeks to achieve women workers basic rights through consultations, legislation, education, and more.