New Resource - Earl George Macartney Collection, 1792-1794

Screenshot of Earl George Macartney Collection, 1792-1794

The Earl George Macartney Collection contains letters, journals, logbooks, watercolors, and engravings produced by Macartney and those who accompanied him on his mission to China between 1792 and 1794.

It includes a great variety of records relating to these missions dispatched by King George III of Britain with the goal of opening new ports for British trade in China, establishing a permanent embassy in Beijing, cession of a small island for British use, and the relaxation of trade restrictions on British merchants in Guangzhou (Canton). Included are books with illustrated accounts of the expedition, produced by Macartney and other participants on the ship.

Of interest to scholars in history, art history, British history, East Asian studies, sociology.

Date published: 
Thursday, January 9, 2020