New Resource - Ford administration & foreign affairs, 1974-1977

Screenshot of Ford administration and foreign affairs, 1974-1977

Ford administration & foreign affairs, 1974-1977 is a collection of the Presidential Country Files for East Asia and the Pacific, and Presidential Correspondence and Conversations with Foreign Leaders during the latter part of the Nixon administration through the entire Ford administration.

Items cover US foreign policy, national security issues, the practice of diplomacy, and presidential decision-making at the highest level. Topics include wars and their aftermath in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos; the Mayaguez incident; normalization process with the People’s Republic of China; US military bases and troops in in Thailand, Philippines, Diego Garcia, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Korea; and trade, arms transfers, mutual defense agreements, and meetings between American and foreign leaders.

Of interest to scholars of Asian studies, international relations, American studies, military history, political science, government, and history.

Date published: 
Wednesday, November 6, 2019