New Resource - Nixon administration & foreign affairs, 1969-1974

Screenshot of Nixon administration and foreign affairs, 1969-1974

Nixon administration & foreign affairs, 1969-1974 is a collection of White House Central Files consisting of the Foreign Affairs Subject Files, the Foreign Affairs Subject Series, and National Security Council Files include China and Vietnam Negotiations and the President’s Trip Files from the Nixon administration.

It covers the strategies such as realism, triangular diplomacy, and linkage-making used by Nixon and his administration in their diplomacy to achieve "Vietnamization," détente with the Soviet Union, and other objectives. Files also include a sizable subseries of memoranda of conversation and exchange of notes from 1969-1973 between Henry Kissinger and Anatoly Dobrynin, the Soviet ambassador; and significant materials on Nixon’s trip to China and media reactions to the trip.

Of interest to scholars of American studies, international relations, political science, military history, government, and history.

Date published: 
Tuesday, November 5, 2019