Toronto Korean-Language Newspapers


This digitization project of these two newspapers is the first ever undertaken by the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library.

In April 2004, the National Institute of Korean History (NIKH) approached the Library to propose the digitization of one of the East Asian Library's holdings: Minjoong Shinmoon. This was part of the NIKH's five-year project begun in 2001 to collect historical materials relating to Korean history published overseas. After reviewing our Korean collection, the Library also suggested including The New Korea Times in the same project.

The National Institute of Korean History is a South Korean government organization responsible for investigating, collecting, and compiling historical materials.

Description of the newspapers

To Korean immigrants in Canada, the following two newspapers are crucial sources of information on the evolution of Korean politics in both North and South Korea. They are also important research tools in the study of Toronto's Korean immigrant community. Both papers were donated on an ongoing basis to the East Asian Library by the publishers.

Scanned page of Minjoong Shinmoon newspaperThe Minjoong Shinmoon Coverage:
Jan. 1982; Jan. 1989 - Mar. 1993

A weekly newspaper published and edited by Chul-ki Chung. This paper introduced Korean culture and heritage to the second generation of Koreans in Toronto. It frequently commented on violations of human rights in South Korea and advocated reunification with North Korea.

There are 2345 pages.

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Scanned image of page from The New Korean TimesThe New Korea Times Coverage:
May 1982 - May 2003

A weekly publication containing news from Korea and also featuring articles on the Korean-Canadian community. There are 5072 pages.

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