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UofT Library Catalogue

UofT Library Catalogue provides online access to the catalogue records of most collections from all libraries at the university, including the holdings in the Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library. The catalogue supports romanized character browse and search. Search Tibetan using the ALA-LC romanization schema

(OCLC) WorldCat

OCLC catalogue of books and other materials in libraries worldwide. Tibetan titles should be searched using the ALA-LC romanization schema. WorldCat allows users to search the collections of major research and academic libraries, including most of the major East Asian libraries in North America.


Buddhist Digital Resource Center (BDRC) Database 

The University of Toronto has purchased all 17 of the Core Text Collections published annually by the BDRC, which gives faculty and students access to more than 17,000 scanned volumes – all retrievable through a single search engine. U of T users must enter the database through the U of T libraries catalog in order to gain full-access to otherwise restricted texts. Authenticate with your UTORid. 

Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP)

Digitally preserved Tibetan and Sanskrit literature, with tens of thousands of pages of searchable e-books and catalogs available free of charge. ACIP also offers direct downloads of large datasets so users can have their own local copies:

To clarify, these are not scanned images, but rather files with computer-input texts in Tibetan script, and in romanized Tibetan. (User is given the option when downloading.)

Asian Classics Explorer, a search portal to the ACIP catalogs and texts is newly available, but not yet with full functionality (i.e. access to scanned or input texts). One might access the file for any search result by then using the "downloads" link above.

AIBS Buddhist Canons Research Database

Bibliographic database with links to a vast number of digitally preserved texts provided by BDRC, ACIP, and other groups, as well as bibliographic information on secondary research on Tibetan Buddhist canons.

Dan Martin's Tibetan Histories ⁠— new and expanded online resource (Dec. 21, 2020)

The bibliographical content of the original book and the most recent version of the Addenda & Corrigenda have now been merged into a new digital edition of Tibetan Histories with detailed entries of over 1250 titles of Tibetan-language historical writings. Hosted by the BDRC.


Martin, Dan. Tibetan Histories: A Bibliography of Tibetan-Language Historical Works. London: Serindia Publications, 1997. (Annotated bibliography of historical works.)

Hallvard Kare Kulov and Yoshiro Imaeda, comps. Bibliography of Tibetan Studies. Narita: Naritasan Shinshoji, 1986.

Chibetto no rekishi shūkyō gengo minzoku ni kansuru kihonteki shiryō no sōgōteki kenkyūTōyō Bunko shozō Chibettogo kanpon mokuroku チベットの歴史・宗教・言語・民俗に関する基本的資料の総合的研究 : 東洋文庫所蔵チベット語刊本目錄 / 研究代表者福田洋一. Kenkyū daihyōsha Fukuda Yōichi. [Tokyo : Tōyō Bunko], Heisei 3 [1991].

Sadakane Ayako. Chibetto kenkyû bunken mokuroku A bibliography of Tibetan studies 1877-1977, 1978-19952 vols., Tôkyô: Kôka Shoten, (1982 & 1997). Vol. 1 (1877-1977): Japanese and Chinese materials only. Vol. 2 (1978-1995): Japanese, Chinese and Western-language materials.

Catalogue of Chinese Publications in Tibetan Studies  v.1: 1949-1990, v. 2: 1991-1995, v. 3: 1996-2000 (Entries in English, Tibetan, and Chinese).


For Chinese-language resources, see the "China Studies Resources" page.  The following databases are especially helpful for Chinese-language resources on many Tibetan Studies topics.

Duxiu Knowledge Search Database

Historical Book Catalogue of China

National Central Library (Taiwan)

Academia Sinica (Taiwan)