Tibetan studies: search for articles

This section lists indexes and other finding aids for Tibet-related journals, newspapers, and other periodicals. It is arranged by language in two sub-sections: Western Language Journals, and Tibetan and Chinese Language Journals.


Bibliography of Asian Studies (BAS)  

The Bibliography of Asian Studies is a particularly good resource for finding English-language journal articles on various topics in Tibetan Studies. The BAS indexes articles from the Tibet Journal, the Tibetan Review, the Bulletin of Tibetology, the Journal of Indian Philosophy, the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, etc., and from a great many edited book-volumes from over the years.  The database includes many articles not found in the more general periodical databases, such as JSTOR, EBSCO, etc.  

Journal of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (JIATS)

Once the leading journal in the field of Tibetan Studies. Hosted by the University of Virginia and available for free access online, this journal is edited by various scholars in rotation, and includes an extensive book review section.  

Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines

The Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines is a twice-yearly (October and April) journal published by the UMR 8155 (CRCAO) of the CNRS, Paris. The Director of the RET is Dr Jean-Luc Achard, and the editorial board includes Drs. Alice Travers (CNRS) and Charles Ramble (EPHE). All contributions are peer-reviewed, and back issues are available as free PDF downloads.

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Tibetological research is also frequently published in Asian Studies journals, such as the Journal of Asian Studies. Not least, Tibetan scholars often publish in the specific journals of their discipline, such as the Journal of International Association of Buddhist Studies (Vienna), etc.  Although there is no comprehensive online bibliography for Tibet-related research in western languages, excellent (though now dated) print editions are available. See a list of General Bibliographies for the field of Tibetan Studies, hosted by Columbia University Libraries.

In the PRC, the leading journals are China's Tibetology (Beijing; Tibetan, Chinese and English versions available) and Tibet Studies (Lhasa; Tibetan and Chinese versions available). Note that the various editions are not identical and may feature different articles, though the issuing body is the same.

Digital Himalaya

While the website "Digital Himalaya" primarily seeks to preserve and make available ethnographic material in digital format, the website also contains bibliographic references and links to several online journals.

Tibet Journal

The Tibet Journal, published in Dharamsala, is another important and long-standing resource. Recent issues are now available online here, and the tables of contents for 1995-2006 can be found on this website, hosted by the University of Virginia Libraries; and the table of contents for 1975-2003 can be found here.

Tibetan Review

While not an academic journal per se, the Tibetan Review covers current events inside and outside Tibet, and has featured many interesting and useful articles over the years on Tibetan politics, exile society, literature, etc.


Bya-ra Database

Online database of more than 10,000 Tibetan-language research articles published in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Many English abstracts provided. Also includes contents of Rig gnas lo rgyus series and the English-language journals, Tibet Studies and China Tibetology. Former project of Trace Foundation/Latse Library, now hosted on The Latse Project's website.

China Academic Journals

Thousands of journals in the humanities and social sciences since 1994, including periodicals from national universities throughout the PRC, Qinghai Minzu Yanjiu, China Tibetology, etc. Full-text in both CAJ viewer and PDF.  English abstracts for most articles.  May search in Chinese or English. Also includes Century Journal Project database, covering articles prior to 1994, as well as full-text databases for dissertations and core newspapers.