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by Social Science Research Council (SSRC), U.S.A.
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The China-Africa Knowledge Project Resource Hub is a one-
stop shop for researchers and practitioners working on the
China-Africa relationship. As the primary platform for the
work of the Social Science Research Council's China-Africa
Knowledge Project, this site actively builds generative
connections between scholars across disciplines and regions
while organizing a growing and fragmented body of knowledge
and connecting it to important trends in the social sciences
relevant for understanding Africa's new international

by Harvard University
posters & postcards, photographs & images
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Constituting a visual record of early European contacts
with Asia and Africa, Images of Colonialism Collection is
a primary visual resource for historical and socio-
cultural studies. Made up largely of late-19th and early-
20th century trade cards and illustrated European
newspapers, this collection of more than 700 images offers
insight into European perspectives on varying aspects of
colonial experience by documenting how popular perceptions
of Asia and Africa were created and disseminated. The
collection can also be used to draw contrasts between
colonial attitudes among the French, British, German, and
Dutch colonizers and the realities in the colonies.