Korean Extensive Reading Collection

Korean Children's Stories for Extensive Reading: Read at Your Own Pace!

The East Asian Library developed a Korean extensive reading (ER) collection in support of the Korean language program at University of Toronto. Extensive reading of children’s literature has many benefits for foreign language learning. Through engaging with text and attractive illustrations learners can easily construct meaning, as well as understand different stories and discourse types. Reading Children’s literature also provides great training for reading adult literature.

The Korean Children’s Stories and picture books are shelved in the Extensive Reading section, and they are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Please check a label located at the bottom right corner of a book for content level, as shown on the left image. A full list of books can be found in the file attached titled, "Kor_Extensive_Reading_Collection_List."

If you wish to request a library pickup,  please go to LibrarySearch and use simple search  to find the book. The easiest way to locate picture books is by using either romanized titles or ISBNs listed in the attachment below. 


Are ER books too easy for you? Take your reading to the next level with 외국인을 위한 한국어 읽기 series, which includes 100 Korean books in three reading levels: level 1 from volumes 1-50, level 2 from 51-80 and level 3 from 81-100. 


Are you a member of Toronto Public Library (TPL)? Check out Koppulso website for more Korean books with cover pages that link to TPL bibliographic records. Alternatively, go to TPL online catalogue, and use "Korean juvenile literature" as search phrase and limit language option to "Korean" to browse Korean picture books. 


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Korean Studies Librarian at: