Search Tips

Searching Tips

  • Romanize the Korean title/author/keyword using the McCune-Reischauer (M-R) Romanization System. The chart of the M-R system is available along with other handouts near the entrance of the East Asian Library. The Library also provides a romanization workshop or training. For further information please see the Korea Studies librarian.
  • Type space for word division. e.g. space after each word, a particle, lexical unit
  • Omit diacritics. e.g. breve (˘), alif (’) and ayn (‛)

Title Search

Choose title search when you know the exact title phrase. If you are unsure of the title, use keyword search.
Type all or just the beginning of the title.

    • 우리연극 100년 -> uri yonguk 100-yon
      한일관계와 사회문화적 상호작용
      • -> Han-Il kwangye wa sahoe munhwajok sangho chagyong
        -> Han-Il kwangye wa sahoe


Author Search

Authors can be personal authors, editors, composers, conferences, countries, government agencies, organization and illustrators.
Type last name first for personal authors. Add a hyphen between two characters of the Korean first name.

    • 이문열 -> Yi, Mun-yol
      숙명여자대학교 -> Sungmyong Yoja Taehakkyo
      푸른사상 -> Purun Sasang 


Keywords Search

Keywords in the search field will be searched from all fields including title, author, subjects, etc. It can be helpful when you are unsure about search fields. You can limit your search by language, library, publication type and publication year in advanced search. Different sorting option is available for the search results.

  • 한국 경제 -> Hanguk kyongje
  • 지역주의 -> chiyokchuui

Subject Search

Do not use subject search unless you know specific subject terms established by the Library of Congress (LC).
Instead, perform a keyword search, look at the terms under SUBJECT in the resulting citations, click on the highlighted subject heading to perform a new search.
Consult with printed editions of the LC Subject Headings in reference areas of the Library. Also, LC Subject Heading on Selected Korean Materials brochure is available along with other handouts near the entrance of the East Asian Library.

  • Education – Korea (South)
  • Tok Island (Korea) – International status

Call Number Search


Call numbers can only be searched from the Advanced Search screen and must be limited to a specific Library.
Capitalization is not required. Spacing is required only before the date.

    • PL992.9 .M83 C47 1981

Not Found in the UTL Catalogue

If no matches found in the catalogue, please inquire further assistance from Korea Studies librarian for material through interlibrary loan.