Internet resources for Philosophy

by Academia Sinica of Taiwan
databases, encyclopedias
in Chinese

This is a large online database of Chinese works complied by
Academia Sinica in Taiwan. It contains very rich contents
that span across Chinese historical classics, Buddhism
scripts, various local gazetteers of Taiwan, as well as
other primary resources on Taiwan and its history.
Particularly, it has an online version of the Encyclopedia
of Taiwan (臺灣文獻叢刊).

by National Library of China
digital libraries
in Chinese

Chinese Memory is a digital project undertaken by the
National Library of China (PRC) to showcase its digitized
collections and exhibit selected highlights of the NLC's
collections of Chinese rare books and historical resources.
The website also publishes research papers about the studies
of Chinese rare books.

by Independent
blogs, portals
in English

The Daoist Studies website is a portal designed to assist
researchers and scholars of Daoism, practitioners, and
interested members of the public in furthering knowledge
about Daoism. The website features an extensive bibliography
of secondary sources as well as links to collections of
Daoist texts including the an index to the Daozang 道臧 and
PDF facsimiles of the Zangwai Daoshu 臧外道書 and other e-

by Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica Of Taiwan
in English; Chinese

This project is based on Mr. Fu Ssu Nien’s collection of
Shang Zhou bronze objects which have great values in various
academic fields, such as philology, ancient history and
history of art. In order to enable these materials to be
widely known among people, and to extend the lifespan of the
objects, this project has been working on digitalization of
the objects, and has also publicized these digitalized
materials on the internet.

by Toyo Gakuen University
dictionaries, encyclopedias
in English

This dictionary is a compilation of Buddhist terms, texts,
temple, schools, persons, etc. that are found in East
Asian Buddhist canonical sources. While there is obviously
a basic layer of East Asian terminology, since much of
what East Asian Buddhists have written about is the
Buddhism of India, Central Asia, and Tibet, the content of
this database/dictionary/encyclopedia/translation glossary
is pan-Buddhist in character. This project, which was
initiated in 1986, is to the best of our knowledge, the
most comprehensive compilation of Buddhist terms presently
available in English.

by The Chinese University of Hong Kong
dictionaries, encyclopedias
in English; Chinese

This online resource is based on Prof. Lao Sze-kwang’s
manuscript. Users are able to find various Confucianism-
related concepts through the search engine or by categories.

by Renmin University
in Chinese

The Philosopy Online, supported by Renmin University,
provides online information concerning Chinese philosophy
reaserch, academic exchanging, news, and etc.

by National Taiwan University
journals & magazines
in Chinese

Wen shi zhe xue bao, an academic journal published by the
National Taiwan University , focuses on the study of
literature, arts, history, philosophy, archaeology and so
on. The journal publishes two issues every year in May and
November. Full text articles of the latest issues are now
available online for free at
(, while
the table of contents of each issue can be browsed at

by Independent
in Chinese

Yizhige is an e-book portal of Chinese classic literatures
that makes accessible contents of classic books and supports
full-text search across the classic titles.