Korean e-Newspapers

Historical Newspapers

Chosun Ilbo Archive (조선일보 아카이브)

[In Korean] Coverage from 1920-1940 and 1945 to the current day. Provides full-text of one of the major South Korean newspapers.

Seoul Press Online (서울 프레스)

[In English] 

The Seoul Press (published 1907-1937) was Japan’s Korean news flagship. Its mission was to validate the natural justice of Japanese imperialism in Korea, and Japan as the redeeming, organising, and modernising force in East Asia. The Seoul Press represented the Japanese administration of Korea to the world. The collection includes the years 1907-09 and 1928-37. If any of the missing issues are discovered, they will be added at no extra cost to subscribers.

Kyŏngsŏng Ilbo [Keijo Nippo] (경성일보)

[In Japanese]

Coverage from 1907 – 1945 (in PDF). A Japanese-language newspaper published in Korea during the Occupation Period (the official Japanese administration newspaper).

NAVER News Library (NAVER 뉴스 라이브러리)

[in Korean] Digital archive service for articles published between 1920 and 1999 from three major Korean newspapers 동아일보 (1920-1999), 경향신문 (1946-1999), and 매일경제신문 (1966-1999).

Korea Times (1950-2016)

[In English] Korea's first English Daily newspaper published in Seoul, Korea. Full text is available starting from 1956 - 2016.

Korea Herald (코리아 헤럴드)

[In English]

Full text coverage: Jan 1, 1996- Sept. 15, 2004. English-language national daily newspaper covering general, economic and finance news.

Toronto Korean Language Newspapers

[In Korean] Two important local newspapers, New Korea Times and Minjoong Shinmoon are available in digital format here: https://east.library.utoronto.ca/resource/korean/toronto-korean-languag…

Current Newspapers in English


[In English] Newspaper database service for current and archived news with focuses on business and company information worldwide

The following South Korean newspapers are available through Factiva in English. In Factiva click on "Source" and type in the newspaper name to run search.

  • Chosun Ilbo (조선일보): Covers Korean and international news, with emphasis on political, economic, and foreign affairs.

  • Korea JoongAng Daily (중앙일보): News covers national & international news including North Korea, and economics, sports & culture.

  • Dong-A Ilbo Daily (동아일보): Full text coverage from Jun. 7, 2002 to current. Covers Korea's political news, social issues, and international news with in-depth commentaries.

  • Electronic Times (Korea): Full text coverage from Mar. 1, 2002 to current. Provides technology news information from Korean IT industries.

Korea Herald

The largest English-language daily newspaper in South Korea.

NK News

An independent, privately owned specialist site focused on North Korea. Content includes news, news aggregator, intelligence analysis, travel reports, and other data about North Korea.

Current Newspapers in Korean

For information on Korean print newspapers at the East Asian Library, please go to: https://east.library.utoronto.ca/resource/korean-newspapers-list