East Asian Library News

Screenshot of Ford administration and foreign affairs, 1974-1977
A collection of the Presidential Country Files for East Asia and the Pacific, and Presidential Correspondence and Conversations with Foreign Leaders during the latter part of the Nixon administration through the entire Ford administration.
Screenshot of Nixon administration and foreign affairs, 1969-1974
A collection of White House Central Files consisting of the Foreign Affairs Subject Files & Series, National Security Council Files & the President’s Trip Files from the Nixon administration.
Screenshot of the Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers collection
A collection of 500,000 pages from hundreds of newspaper published in China between 1912 & 1949. The collection provides researchers a richly comprehensive perspective on Chinese life, culture, and politics throughout this time period.
Screenshot of China - Records of the U.S. Department of State
A collection of instructions to and dispatches from US diplomatic and consular staff that cover a wide range of topics, eg. political, economic, and social issues, specific provinces, military affairs, and other topics
Screenshot of Japan - Records of the US Department of State Relating to Political and Commercial Relations
A collection of diplomatic materials that trace the commercial relations between the US & Japan from 1910 to 1964. A wide range of topics are covered, eg. embargo, free ports, law, commerce, merchandise, duties, tariff and trade.
A collection of US reports on economic, political and military affairs, statistics, interviews, meeting minutes, correspondences, and diplomatic cables on China, Japan, and Korea in mid-20th century.
Screenshot of the Church Missionary Society Archive
An online archive of the records of the Church Missionary Society (CMS) Anglican evangelical movement and other missionary societies associated or merged with CMS.
A collection of reviews of Chinese press and translations of radio broadcasts from the Chinese Civil War period. Topics include military, social, political, free world history, and an analysis of how the Chinese Communist Party won the war.
Screenshot of German Foreign Relations and Military Activities in China, 1919-1935
A collection of German Foreign Ministry records documenting Germany's relations with China between the two World Wars. It highlights Germany's instrumental role in modernizing China's industry and providing military training and equipment prior to 1937.
Screen shot of The Minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council, 1854-1943
A collection of minutes from meetings held by the Board of Directors of the Shanghai Municipal Council during its tenure. Topics covered include sanitation, transportation, telecommunication and postal service, taxation, urban planning, gas supply, etc.