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Screenshot of Earl George Macartney Collection, 1792-1794
This collection has letters, journals, logbooks, watercolors, and engravings produced by Macartney and those who accompanied him on his mission to China between 1792 and 1794.
Screenshot of Papers of the British Consulates and Legation in China, 1722-1951
A collection from the British legation & consulates in China (1722-1951). Includes: a catalogue of embassy archives, trade & intelligence reports, legal proceedings, papers of the Chinese Secretary's Office, papers relate to the East India Co. in China.
Screenshot of Japan-U.S. Economic Relations Group records, 1979-1981
A collection of papers from this group that is informally known as the "Wise Men", was set up by President Jimmy Carter & Prime Minister Masayoshi Ohira. It provided recommendations for maintaining a healthy bilateral economic relationship.
Screenshot of New Resource - Japan: U.S. Naval Technical Mission, 1945-1946
A collection of 185 reports from the US Naval Technical Mission to Japan that surveyed and appraised the technological status of Japanese industry and the Japanese navy.
Screenshot of New Resource - Japan and Korea: Summation of Nonmilitary Activities, 1945-1948
This is a collection of 36 monthly reports on the rebuilding of postwar Japan & South Korea by Allied occupation forces. Topics: industrial reparations & development; restructuring of education, public health & welfare; & political system establishment.
Screenshot of New Resource - Japan at war and peace, 1930-1949: U.S. State Department records on the internal affairs of Japan
A collection of essential & unique documentation on various topics relating to Japanese internal affairs, eg the rise of Bolshevism and radicalism, political relations with Manchukuo, Prince Konoe & the War in China, Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
Screenshot of New Resource - Chinese Maritime Customs Service: The Customs’ Gazette, 1869-1924
A collection of quarterly reports on trade (1869-1913) published by the predominantly British-run Chinese Maritimes Customs Service (1854-1949). They provided insights into local economic & social conditions, policing of customs & trade, & Treaty Ports.
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Screenshot of New Resource - Shanghai Municipal Council: The Municipal Gazette, 1908-1940
A complete collection of the official organ of the Shanghai Municipal Council. Topics covered include the period of revolution, the Republic, internationalization of Shanghai, national uprising, and both World Wars.
Topics covered include international aid, education & cultural exchange; financial & economic affairs, legal, military, & political affairs including records on presidents & vice-presidents, and visits by US politicians.