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by University of Michigan
archive, posters & postcards
in English

The Center for Chinese Studies at the University of
possesses a stunning collection of rare propaganda
from the Cultural Revolution--a period of massive
upheaval in China that began in 1966 and lasted about a
decade. The papercuts were scanned and made available as
high-resolution digital images in this collection by the
University Library Digital Library Production Service

by Chinese Posters Foundation
posters & postcards
in English

Chineseposters is a continually growing web-database that
presents Chinese propaganda posters through vitural
exhibitions, theme presentations, etc. Most of the featured
posters are from the collections of Stefan Landsberger and
the Interantional Institute of Social History (IISH,
Amsterdam, Netherlands). The website is maintained by the
Chinese Posters Foundation.

by Stanford University
in English; Chinese

Between 1865 and 1869, thousands of Chinese migrants
at a grueling pace and in perilous working conditions to
help construct America's First Transcontinental Railroad.
The Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project
to give a voice to the Chinese migrants whose labor on the
Transcontinental Railroad helped to shape the physical and
social landscape of the American West. The Project
coordinates research in the United States and Asia in
to create an on-line digital archive available to all.

by Institution For Advanced Studies On Asia, University Of Tokyo
databases, photographs & images
in Chinese

The Institute of Oriental Cultures, University of
Tokyo, has a collection of over 100,000 volumes of
Chinese rare books. The Institute has selected the
most precious titles of the collection, digitized
them and made the contents accessible through the
portal of The Chinese Rare Books Full Image
Database. Currently, this database provides free
access to full images of over 4,000 Chinese rare
books and partial access to some 600 rare book titles.

by Harvard University
rubbings, photographs & images
in English

The Chinese Rubbings Collection results from a project to
catalog and digitize the entire collection of East Asian
rubbings (the majority of which are from China) at the Fine
Arts Library of Harvard University. The rubbings were made
from ancient stone stelae, tomb tablets, Buddhist and Daoist
scriptures on stelae and rocks, as well as inscriptions and
designs copied from bronze vessels, jade objects, ceramics,
tomb bricks, and roof tiles, objects dating from the Qin
Dynasty (221-207 BCE) to the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE).

by Independent
databases, guides
in Chinese

The creation of this website was funded substantially by the
S.C.Van Foundation (Daloon Foundation), Denmark.The website
provides a wealth of resources on the field of Chinese
Storytelling, arranged under the following headings: Oral
and Written Literature; Professional Storytelling; History
and Milieu; Masters and Disciples; Elements of Performance;
Sagas of Storytelling. Added to the site in 2013 is the
Chinese Storytelling Reserch Database.

by Chinese University of Hong Kong
in English

This webpage has 17 working papers by Faculty of Law of the
Chinese University of Hong Kong.

by Chinese Museum, Australia
archive, photographs & images
in English

The Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia
(CHIA) database is a catalogue of historical images of
Chinese, Chinese immigrants and their descendants held in
Australia. It primarily draws on the photographic holdings
of the Chinese Museum but also includes photographs from
other online archives, publications and private family
collections. Digital copies of many of these images are
available for research purposes. CHIA also includes the
beginnings of an encyclopaedia of Chinese-Australian
history, complete with bibliography, aimed at providing
contextual information for database images.

by Hong Kong Spirit Seminary College
archive, local gazetteers
in Chinese

The online database, Christian Sources in New Local
Gazetteers of China, is the result of a seminal project
undertaken by the Hong Kong Christian Council and Hong Kong
Spirit Seminary College (of the Roman Catholic Church). The
database specializes in delivering digitalized Christian
sources excerpted from the New Local Gazetteers of China,
published between the 1980s and the 2000s. It covers
Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Nestorian and Judaic sources
as are recorded in the New Local Gazetteers of various
administrative levels.

by Online Archive of California
in English; Chinese

Chung Sai Yat Po was published in San Francisco from Feb.
1900 to 1951. It has a long publishing history and almost
all its issues survived. It provides readers important
sources about the history of Chinese immigration in the
first half of the twentieth century. The collection includes
14 microfilm reels and 1,460 online items. Selected issues
can be viewed on the website.

journals & magazines
in Chinese

Started in 2006, ChurchChina is an online magazine that is
concerned with the
current state and development of Christian churches in
China. It has professional theological articles from
scholars as well as autobiographical ones for general

by Adam Matthew (U of T subscribed)
in English

Church Missionary Society Periodicals features publications
from the Church Missionary Society (CMS), the South American
Missionary Society and the Church of England Zenana
Missionary Society (CEZMS) between 1804 and 2009.
Information about Chinese history could be found in this

by Harvard University
in English

Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics is a digital library collection created under the Harward University Library Open Collections Program. It brings together a unique set of resources from Harvard University libraries -- over 500,000 pages of digitized copies of books, serials, pamphlets, incunabula, and manuscripts -- to offer valuable insights into the historical context for current epidemiology and contribute to the understanding of the global, social-hisotry, and public-policy implications of disease.

by National Central Library, Taipei
manuscripts, photographs & images
in English; Chinese

The handwritten manuscripts in the collection come in a
large variety of forms, which include poetry, prose, novels,
letters, diaries, scripts and reviews. In addition, this
collection also focus on different kinds of brushworks by
well-known contemporary artists and writers, such as
calligraphy, Chinese ink paintings, sketches, watercolors
and oil paintings.

by National Central Library, Taipei
manuscripts, photographs & images
in English; Chinese

The handwritten manuscripts in the collection come in a
large variety of forms, which include poetry, prose, novels,
letters, diaries, scripts and reviews. In addition, this
collection also focus on different kinds of brushworks by
well-known contemporary artists and writers, such as
calligraphy, Chinese ink paintings, sketches, watercolors
and oil paintings.

by University of California-Berkely; Korea University
journals & magazines
in English

Cross-Currents is an open-access e-journal co-sponsored by
the Research Institute of Korean Studies at Korea
University (RIKS) and the Institute of East Asian Studies
at the University of California–Berkeley (IEAS). It is
published quarterly online and semi-annually in print, and
gives priority to papers that have significant
implications for current models of understanding East
Asian history and culture. It is particularly interested
in promoting scholarship that extends East Asian studies
beyond issues traditionally addressed by Western
humanities and social science jounals and engages with
issues of immediate concern to contemorary scholars in
China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

by University of California, Berkeley
journals & magazines, e-books
in English

Cross-Currents: East Asian History and Culture Review is a
peer-reviewed, quarterly online journal that offers its
readers up-to-date research findings, emerging trends, and
cutting-edge perspectives concerning East Asian history and
culture from scholars in both English-speaking and Asian
language-speaking academic communities.

by Independent
blogs, portals
in English

The Daoist Studies website is a portal designed to assist
researchers and scholars of Daoism, practitioners, and
interested members of the public in furthering knowledge
about Daoism. The website features an extensive bibliography
of secondary sources as well as links to collections of
Daoist texts including the an index to the Daozang 道臧 and
PDF facsimiles of the Zangwai Daoshu 臧外道書 and other e-

by Chinese University of Hong Kong
archive, manuscripts
in English

The online archive results from a digitization project
undertaken by the Chinese University of Hong Kong to
digitize the works and papers of Professor David Hawke,
including his original translation manuscript of The Story
of the Stone (石頭記, Chapter 2~Chapter 80).

by Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
in Chinese

The Mandarin Promotion Council ( MPC ), Ministry of
Education in Taiwan is responsible for compiling this
dictionary. It is developed from the table of Chinese
character variants, which was made the Department of
Chinese, National Taiwan Normal University and has been
published for many years. The dictionary was finished on
June 2001, and contains over 100,000 character variants in